everyday life.~ Picasso

​Board Members: Nick Potter, Lisa Lund-Brown, Selena Mitchell, Buddy Brown


** Dates, times, and travel requirements may be modified as COVID-19 regulations continue to evolve.  

2018 Scholars: Denise Gorham, Racquelle Justo, Nory Setha, Abby Cabrales,  

​2016 Scholars: Alexandra Weaver, Jamie Boley, Yezmene Fullilove


Please keep in mind, you will be traveling outside of the United States and a valid passport will be required.  Passport information can be found HERE

ART washes away from the soul the dust of 

Back Row: Robert Maldonado, Buddy Brown, Emma Brown, Nick Potter, Lisa Lund-Brown

2017 Scholars: Danny DeMeza, Ciera Land, Janette Porraz, Melissa Noriego 

​Felipa Ramirez, Yolanda Millan-Apolonio

Jasmin Parker, Erik Escovedo, Eddie Reveles

2019 Scholars: Albert Haro, Shirin Rawls, Xena Senn, Sarah Theller,


  • The 2022 scholarship application can be found HERE 
  • Deadline for 2022 submissions is May 21, 2022
  • Interviews for finalists will be held on campus August 26-27
  • If you have questions about the application process, don't hesitate to contact us


​Edward O. Lund Foundation Scholarships are designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students of Art and Design, pursuing degrees in Studio Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Interior Design or the Single Subject Art Credential Program at CSU, Fresno through study abroad.  

Edward Odd Lund III, artist, scholar, educator, art preparator, and curator, was committed to excellence and enthusiastically shared his love and passion for art and his far-reaching possibilities with his students, colleagues and community. Scholarships for a three-week intensive study abroad program will be awarded to those students who exemplify the character, passion, talent, and commitment that Edward embodied and respected.

The 2022 Edward O. Lund scholarship for the London Program (Art & Empire) in England will cover all program fees (travel and accommodation), as well as an allowance for expenses.  It does not cover the unit fees.

​Awarded students will need to attend all class orientation meetings in Fall 2022 before departing for London on Dec 27, 2022. The course typically lasts 3 weeks.


  • Recipient must be pursuing an undergrad or graduate degree in Studio Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Interior Design or the Single Subject Art Credential Program at CSU, Fresno throughout the entire 2022-23 academic year  
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA is required
  • Provide a personal statement of why study abroad would be of value to you (BE CREATIVE - tell us your story in your own unique way)
  • ​Address financial need in statement
  • Provide two letters of reference, with at least one being from a CSU, Fresno Professor in your major
  • Submit a minimum of ten images of your artwork via PDF or video, or two examples of your writing (if art history is your area of emphasis)