In 2021 guests enjoyed an exhibition and silent auction of works from some of our finest local and international artists - including our Lund Scholars.  The Mad Duck's Alex Costa led the potation-curious through an exploration of fine scotch and bold Duck brews, while The Ben Boone Band and special guest Jaz Sawyer took us on a musical journey of spectacular jazz.

It's important to note that the HAMMER Road Rally is a cycling experience for riders of all abilities who want to be a part of a special narrative.  Only the "Hammer" route is timed. The "Hard" route is not timed but offers a strenuous 53-mile ride with nearly 6,000' of elevation gain for those who want a challenge without the pressure of time.  The "Medium" and "Easyish" routes are non-timed, casual ride options for those who simply want to experience a beautiful, fully-supported ride.​  It's all good.

If you are an artist and would like to donate a piece to the auction, please contact Nick for more information.  He's pretty great too.

It is because he held a special place in his heart for the lands and libations of the Scots and exceptional art, that we gather as friends and community each year to explore the nuances of these uniquely creative endeavors at our Scotch, Brew and Art Affair, in celebration of those worlds Ed loved.

The culinary team at the Mad Duck also served an abundance of savory bites and additional bevvies to fill the and complete the embrace of this special moment in time under the setting sky.

​​​​​​​​​​​​A fine Scotch and a flagon of ale were two of Edward's favorite potations at the end of any good day.  Blessedly, there were many good days for Ed.

Allard's Art Fresno

​And, as always, HAMMERists will be greeted at the finish line with groovin' tunes, great food, and Mad Duck brews in celebration of another legit Sierra cycling adventure.  

An Ed Lund Inspired Celebration of Some Serious Sierra Cycling

This has always been an enchanting evening in celebration of art, in its many forms, and the life that inspired us to gather in revelry of it.

A Weekend of Lund Jollity 

October 15-16, 2022

Whether you choose to ride or not ride, dance to the music or simply relax and enjoy it, this October 16 will be an idyllic time to revel in good spirit and fond memories, while creating some new ones - as Ed would. 

If you have a volunteer's heart and desire to help with this year's event, please contact Dawn.  You'll love her.

​​Please support them in return.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2022

The Hammer Road Rally

Edward was an avid cyclist throughout his life and never tarried around an opportunity to best his last time on a bike. ​The HAMMER Road Rally was designed in the spirit of Ed; as a ride to recalibrate your soul.  It celebrates the love of adventure, and a good challenge, on two wheels.

Heartfelt gratitude to those who support us. 


And rest assured, it is not necessary to partake of scotch, wine or craft brews to appreciate this extraordinary gathering, as it is ultimately about enjoying the kinship of good friends and family.  It is always an Ed-Spirit filled affair to remember.  You should join us.

A Scotch, Brew & Art Affair 

Benefiting Arts Scholarships at Fresno State

If you aren't able to ride but would like to be a part of this prodigious

experience, volunteers are always needed to help at the aid stations, Marshal, SAG, set-up or take-down, or hospitality...We would love your help. Whether you have an hour or two or six, there is something for every skill level.   Sign up directly with our friends at ​Bike Monkey.  They're awesome.

for riders and revelers of all ages

​In 2019 we moved further up into the Sierra, where everything begins and ends at Shaver Lake.  The routes have been expanded to include some of the most incredible roads and scenery you can find in a saddle.  The HAMMER is the largest route and features an absolutely massive 15 mile long gravel climb at 9,196' above sea level.  Two-time National Champion, Olympic medalist and 3-time Tour of  California winner, Levi Leipheimer, has been enjoying the challenge since 2015, and will be one of the many cyclists returning this year.  ​