Program Administrator:

  • Dawn Laker​

Emboldening Students of the Arts at Fresno State


Our Scholars:

  • Jamie Boley (2016)
  • Abigail Cabrallas (2018)
  • Danny DeMeza (2017)
  • Yezmene Fullilove (2016)
  • Denise Gorham (2018)
  • Raquelle Justo (2018)
  • Ciera Land (2017)
  • Yolanda Millan-Apolonio (2018)
  • Melissa Noriego (2017)
  • Janette Porraz (2017)
  • Felipa Ramirez-Hernandez (2018)
  • Nory Setha (2018)
  • Alexandra Weaver (2016)

cyclist in the region, and was affectionately known as “The Hammer” because of the passion, finesse, focus and driving force, of which he rode.

In that spirit of Ed, the Foundation fully funds scholarships for Study Abroad Programs for qualifying CSU, Fresno art students each year, as well as organizing what we affectionately call the Ed Spirit Weekend each October. This weekend was designed around the things Ed loved; The Hammer Tunes & Tires cycling event in the Fresno/Clovis foothills on the third Saturday of the month, followed by a Whisky, Brew & Art Affair at the Mad Duck, that third Sunday.

Our Advisors:

  • James Bell
  • Paula Dupre Pesman
  • Edward Lund, II
  • Judith A. Lund
  • Judith Lund-Bell
  • Selena Mitchell
  • Tamela Ryatt

Our Board:

  • Buddy Brown
  • Lisa Lund-Brown
  • Nick Potter
  • Stephanie Ryan​
  • Robert Maldonado
  • Alex Costa

About Us

The Edward O. Lund Foundation honors the work and life of Edward Lund by providing scholarships and organizing community events around the arts and cycling. 

Edward was committed to excellence and enthusiastically shared his love and passion for art and its far-reaching possibilities with his students, colleagues and community.  He was also a beloved and well-respected