A Scotch, Brew & Art Affair 

A fine Scotch and a flagon of ale were two of Edward's favorite libations at the end of any good day.  Blessedly, there were many good days for Ed.

It is because he held a special place in his heart for the lands and libations of the Scots, that we gather as friends and community to explore the unique style of each region during our annual Scotch and Brew Affair, in celebration of Ed.

Last year we will traveled through the Lowlands, the Highlands and the coastal ranges, where each Scotch was paired with a fine brew to refresh the palate.  And food was plentiful, with both filling dishes and lighter fare to complement each tilt of the glass and ensure our journey through Scotland left us fulfilled in body, heart, mind and Ed spirit.

Tickets will be limited and available for purchase in September.  If you would like to receive updates, please email us at

Mark your calendars now! Our 2018 Affair will be the third Sunday of October.


The Hammer

Edward was an avid cyclist throughout his life and never tarried around any opportunity to best his last time. 

This rally has options for professionals and beginners alike. Two-time National Champion, Olympic medalist and 3-time Tour of California winner, Levi Leipheimer, participated in our 2016 event.

This year's road rally is a "Micro-Stage Race," the perfect mix of competition and camaraderie. We score specific "segments" through a single day, as well as the entire route from start to finish. That means you can ride for hours but only race for short periods of time where it's fun and challenging. The best cumulative times across all segments for the day are deemed the winners. Individual and combined segments are awarded..

The HAMMER will culminate in a festival to celebrate riders with prizes, swag, T-shirts, music, food, and brew provided by The Mad Duck Craft Brewing Co. The festival is a family-friendly event and is open to the general public.

Whether you choose to ride or not ride, it's sure to be an idyllic time to revel in fond memories while creating some new ones - as Ed would. 

If you would like to be added to our volunteer list for this event, please email us at and we will be in touch as the event draws near!


an Ed Lund Inspired Road Rally

A Weekend of Lund Jollity
21st - The Hammer - An Ed Lund Inspired Road Rally
22nd - A Scotch, Brew & Art Affair - A Tasting

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Happening in October 2017


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